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I have spent years working on this highly-rated home inspection template to save you hundreds to thousands of hours from creating your own template from scratch.


KC Bartley

Founder & 5-Star Rated Home Inspector

26+ years experience


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The home inspection template that dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's".

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This Home Inspection Report Template was designed through the result of more than nine years of in-the-field trial & error and research in the home inspection industry, as well as incorporating 17+ years of experience from the construction, remodeling, and contracting industries.

The template includes over 5000 narratives that are based on the IRC, IPC, NEC, and DCA-6, along with information from CRT and EDI. The template is plug-and-play for Spectora software, taking advantage of their location tags to be as efficient as possible.

From the reporting style to hundreds of images and thousands of narratives, I’ve done the hard work for you. I couldn’t imagine anyone building a comparable template in less than 1000 hours.The template has allowed me to be one of the highest-rated home inspectors in TN, as my report is repetitively mentioned in reviews.

The inspection template is priced the same as a solid home inspection – $525 (TX version $595) This template designed for use with Spectora will save you hours and hours of template editing and report-writing. View my sample reports below to see how the template can help you.

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Home Inspection Template Used in
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Based on the FIR Method

The inspection template's reporting style is based on a FIR method (finding, implication, recommendation). It's also based on IRC, IPC, NEC, manufacturers instructions, etc., without referencing "code", but rather "current standards", "manufacturers requirements", or "best building practices". That way, a GC, electrician, plumber, etc., can't come in behind you and dispute the findings.

Over 5,000 Narratives

The home inspection template includes around 5000 narratives covering practically every deficiency you're going to encounter (though there may be region-specific items you need to add). There's also a ton of limitation/exclusion narratives written in a way to let the client know what you couldn't tell them in a non-off-putting manner.

Visual References Included

There are hundreds of images included from the DCA-6, installation manuals, the MVMA (now the NCMA) etc. You can view my sample reports here.

Fast & Efficient

I've never had a slowdown on the Spectora app due to its size, or I would correct it immediately as I use the template daily in the field. 
 My time on site for a typical 2000 sq ft 70's Brick Ranch is about 2.25-2.5 hours. 98% complete with the report by the time I leave. Then typically 15-30 minutes on the desktop at home, making changes to any flagged items as needed, and adding thermal, drone, and 360 pics.


Here’s the deal. I reached out to KC about 7-8 months ago. This business was new to me. I’m still considered “green” and “new” in our industry. After purchasing the template I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of information that was included with the purchase of the template. Now fast forward a few months and I am so glad KC put in the time and effort into the template. If you are a new inspector you will LEARN from recommendations in the report! Shoot, even seasoned inspectors will learn important information. Hands down, this is one of the best decisions I have made in my short career. KC has been there for me with questions as well. He is very communicative and open. If you ever want to chat prior to purchasing, call me! I will help you in anyway I can! KC, I or should I say WE appreciate you sir! Let’s keep the change going! Jake Edenfield Profound Home Inspections
jake edenfield
Jake Edenfield
Profound Home Inspections

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Get to Know
KC Bartley

Being a Home Inspector isn’t just a job to me, it’s who I am. But, that’s not saying enough…Home Inspections are my PASSION! As my wife could attest, I literally live and breathe the Home Inspection industry.   Colossians 3:23

Thank you for considering my home inspection report template. I encourage you to review my sample home inspection reports so you can decide if it’s for you. Something I can assure you is that the 500+ inspectors who bought the template have loved it, and so do their clients.

If I can help you in any way, feel free to reach out to me.


KC Bartley, CMI, ACI

Kind Words From Fellow Inspectors


I struggled to create my own template, K.C.'s template was a game changer for my business. It has allowed me to achieve my biggest goal; to deliver a report that will not only educate my clients on their homes, but give them a plathora of information and resources that will help them maintain it for years to come. I've received only positive feedback on our reports since using K.C.'s template!

Bruce Maneke II
Mountainside Home Inspections

Utilizing KC’s template has helped me more than any other business decision I’ve made. I was new and had limited experience in the trades. His template gave my business an incredible boost. My confidence grew with every inspection and finishing the inspection on site soon became a reality. His template is filled with years of knowledge, common sense, diagrams, illustrations and experience. I have used other templates, but there is no comparison. I would have paid much more than what he charges. KC’s template is GREAT!

Mel Edwards
The Home Inspector

Chad Noar

As a new inspector KC’s template has help me navigate through my inspections with ease. When I received the template I was overwhelmed with amount quality information and reference points that were there. The template is easy to navigate and make changes. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great template! Thank you again oh and how could I almost forget the Updates. Continuing to work on template to make it better! Great costumer service!!

Chad Noahr
CR Home Inspections

I'm here to Answer all your questions About the Home Inspection Template

Yes, the template can be edited in Spectora however you need, or through Excel if desired.

Yes, lifetime updates are included in the purchase price. The template is typically updated once to twice annually.  

Due to the digital nature of the template, there are no refunds and the purchase is final. 

The template costs $525, except for the Texas version which is $595. 

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